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My dispatch rider was unprofessional.
All riders can be rated. Disciplinary action will be taken where necessary.
My package was damaged.
Riders are required to take pictures of all packages. All damaged packages should be presented at the Enrout head office. Legitimate claims will be reviewed. A refund may be issued.
How can I pay for my pickup/delivery?
Payment can be made with cash or expresspay via the app.
When do cancellation fees apply?
When the rider is more than 2 minutes into the journey.
How do I track my dispatch rider?
Rider can be tracked in the real time on the map.
How can I contact my dispatch rider?
Rider will contact you as soon as he accepts the trip.
How do I identify my allocated rider?
Rider's picture and bike registration number will be displayed when he/she is selected by the user
Where can I locate the Enrout Head office?
Knustford Street. Accra. Same premise as GCB
I have a complaint. Who do I speak to?
A Customer Service Representative will always be available during working hours.
Send an email to Check our website for more uodates in this.